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Getting to the Light

Getting to the Light 
(English Version)

Author’s Note: This is the English version of my Filipino/Tagalog story with the same title. I hope you enjoy it!


“Help! Please help!” I cried out knowing that nobody can hear me. I held my chest where the knife had went in deep. I can still feel the cold metal as it pierced through my flesh. My chest hurt every time I try to breathe.

The pain is unbearable, exploding throughout my body. Time slowed down as I fell into the hard floor.

I felt blood leaving my body. Blackness clouded my vision. My senses started to leave me. The chirping of the birds become more and more distant and the rusty smell of blood disappears. I can feel no pain any more. I felt relief as I closed my eyes and let the world take care of me.

I don’t know what happened but the next thing I know, I’m in a white room and the brightness is blinding me. I covered my eyes for awhile while adjusting to my surrounding. Then I can hear the sobs, and the cries around.

I sat and looked at the people around me. There’s my mom, my dad, my brother Miles and my sister Marianne, and my best friend Justin.

Why are they crying? They did not seem to notice me. I stretched my arms and stood up. I came nearer to my parents.

“Hallo? Mom, Dad?” I waved my hand in front of their faces but they don’t seem me at all.

Then I noticed something wrong. They were all looking at one direction. The bed where I came from.

I didn’t want to look back and confirm my thought but my curiosity won.

My mistake.

Someone is lying there. I went nearer and then a shriek escaped from my lips, a shriek that nobody seemed to notice at all.

I run around the room.

“Mom! Dad! Miles! Justin! Marianne! It’s me, Micah!”

But they don’t seem to hear me at all.

Four billion people in the world and the world chose to give me this tragedy. I’m young. I still have lots of things to do, lots of places to explore. We even have a field trip in a couple of weeks! And Jesse, I still haven’t made Jesse fall in love with me yet.

Thoughts fill my mind of all the things I’m gonna miss. I crumpled down the floor and cried. I saw my tears fall but they left no traces on the floor.

It’s hard to accept that I am now one of the unseen.

Author's Note: This story has not been published in Wattpad yet since the tagalog version is the one I'm posting there. I'm only gonna continue this if this post gets 30 comments and the preceding posts to have at least 10 comments each. Thank you very much!

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Si Miss Clumsy : Tripping All Over His Heart

SI MISS CLUMSY: Tripping All Over His Heart

This is a Taglish (Mixture of Tagalong and English) teen romance fiction.


Terribly Insecure…
Certified Wallflower…
Queen of Unconfidence…
And simply C-L-U-M-S-Y, clumsy!
(Edi siya na! Siya na ang nobody!)

Yan si Miss Cezarina Isabel Millo or Rin (as her brothers call her) or simply Miss Clumsy!

Para siyang robot kung mabuhay sa mundo.

Gising, kain, aral, kain, aral, aral, aral, aral, daydream, read novels, tulog.

Yan ang schedule niya araw-araw

Hanggang sa basagin ang katahimikan ng kanyang mundo ng isang mala-demigod na hinulog sa kanilang school at di alam kung saang lupalop nagmula.

She developed a bad habit later in her life and that’s falling on capital H-I-M.

Pero pano siya manonotice ng kanyang “Man of Her Dreams” when she can’t even catch his eyes!

So what does she do?

TRANSFORM! Err.. No.. Di na uso yan..

But she does.

He finally notices her and eventually falls in love too. Pero marami muna siyang kailangang ayusin.

Let’s find out how Rin finally enjoys LIFE, find FRIENDS, discovers and rediscovers LOVE along the way and realize what her true CHALLENGE is 

NOTE: I don't know if I'm going to make an English version.

Story can be found here:

Cover photo:
Bella Thorne is used on the cover photo.

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